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A cooperation with SolTech Service – Telecom guarantees success and full control over your electrical energy. We create advanced energy storage systems for business and individual customers. In our broad offer everybody can find a solution perfectly tailored to his own needs. Our powerful and reliable systems are created with equipment from the best brands.

The solutions from SolTech Service – Telecom can be combined with independent energy sources: renewable energies, cogeneration, engine generators. Our individually fitted systems use with different technologies such as Li-Ion, lead-acid, redox flow and others, and their capacity can be freely adjusted – from a few kWh to MWh. Our clients can count on solutions perfectly fitted to the application and end customer needs.

Our Customers

Individual customers
A growing number of people values safety, energy independence and the full control over the energy flows in their homes. This in an investment that pays off in every way! Advanced energy storage systems ensure the freedom of power supply even there, where a connection to the grid is impossible or too costly. With our solutions it is possible to increase the use of renewable energies at the location of their generation without the need to feed in surplus energy into the grid.
Companies and Institutions
Energy safety is the operational base for many companies and institutions. The users of advanced energy storage systems make use of the energy at the place where it is generated. They are independent from grid blackouts and have full control over the own energy sources. An advantage that cannot be overrated in the business is the unlimited flexibility of these solutions. A company owning an energy source can make use of it exactly as much as needed. There is no need to give away surplus energy to the grid. Depending on the actual load, the power purchased can be increased or decreased, and a higher load can be covered by the energy from the storage.
Distribution Networks
Advanced energy storage systems are a key solution for companies who put their priority on stabilization of the electrical grid and the control of energy sources. The solutions offered by SolTech Service - Telecom allow to control the system frequency, and thanks to the back-up function they guarantee a fully reliable power supply. Tailored to fit the individual needs of the customers, the systems give the possibility to decrease the contracted power if the needs for high power are of a short-term character. When the load increases, the power needs can be covered by the energy stored in the storage system.


Stationary Low-Power Storage Systems

Stationary energy storage systems with lower power are the answer to the needs of individual customers and companies with smaller power consumption. The equipment with a capacity of up to 100 kWh and powers up to 200 kW covers:

  • Energy storage for home use
  • Industrial low-power energy storages
  • Independent power supplies for automation applications
  • Telecommunication power supplies

Industrial High-Power Storage Systems

SolTech Service – Telecom offers innovative high-power energy storage systems for:

  • Power plants with renewable energy sources
  • Cogeneration
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies

We also offer complex solutions that allow to manage multiple energy storage, adapted e.g. to the needs of virtual energy storages.

Mobile Power Supplies

Mobile energy storage systems have proven their reliability in the automotive, yachting and construction industry. They ensure power supply for electrical drives, shipborn and construction equipment. They guarantee stability and reliability of the power supply for devices that are not connected to a permanent power supply.

  • Vehicles with electrical drive
  • Construction machinery
  • Special vehicles

SolTech Service – Telecom:

About us

We are on the market since 1999. For years we specialize on the application of reliable energy storage systems for renewable energy installations, based on equipment from first class suppliers. We cooperate with specialists for the installation of renewable energies, manufacturers of equipment that requires independent power supply and innovative companies implementing solutions for reliable power supplies.

In 2018 we partnered with BMZ, the European market leader for high class Li-Ion batteries, offering batteries for the automotive industry, electromobility and for home and industrial energy storages. A result of this cooperation are dedicated solutions for energy storage systems and power supplies for ships with electrical drives.

The solutions developed by us, like e-bike charging stations, solar power supplies, battery powered water wells, batteries for electrical vehicle and energy storage management systems are our part in the development and transformation of the energy market.

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